Rebranding can breathe new life into your business or product, giving you the right platform on which to earn a bigger chunk of market share. Giving a brand a new identity will have the most impact when done with a full business mapping process to depict and capture the belief, vision and mission of the company.

At Vipond Philip we tailor the process of brand definition to suit your company’s profile and aspirations. We set out to capture the essence of the company and define your brand in an accurate and clean before delivering it through all brand collateral.

We make the process of rebranding very personal putting huge focus on the briefing process where we personally invest time getting to know you and your passions from which the business is fuelled.

You can expect us to unearth and define the following during a business mapping process with Vipond Philip:

  • Company Objectives
  • Analysis of direct competitors
  • Brand Tonality – illustration of brand characteristics & vital outline to the style your brand.
  • Value Disciplines – Your brands customer, product and operational orientation
  • Company vision – Essence, personality, emotional benefits, functional benefits, functional attributes

Leading to the following outputs:

  • Design of Brand – A mark/logo in image and vector files.
  • Brand Guidelines – Colour suite, fonts,image styles.
  • Brand Stationary – Letterheads, compliment slip, Business Cards.
  • Website – Fully responsive for devices and optimised for search