Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising model whereby placements at the top of search engine results pages are purchased in a bid auction. Ads are matched to keywords and advertisers pay a fee each time an ad is clicked and user driven through to their site.

PPC is a highly efficient marketing channel capturing only qualified customers with high intent to purchase. Vipond Philip leverage PPC as core channel for business looking to convert customers online.
While SEO provides long-term rewards, PPC has an immediate impact, offers sophisticated targeting specifically for your end customers and can demonstrate ROI from the outset.

Vipond Philip specialise in combining the powers of both PPC and SEO to propel SMEs forward, maximising business growth with optimum cost efficiency.
We apply a thorough process to get our clients live with PPC advertising. Once live we systematically optimise and report on performance on a weekly basis continually refining the budget and targeting efficiency.

Account Management

PPC is iterative. Vipond Philip constantly refine and expand your campaigns, creating an environment in which your keyword list is constantly growing and adapting growing markets hare for your brand.

We are hands on consultants and operate your account personally. We take responsibility to deliver the results your business has set out through marketing and this is done by continuously analysing the performance of your account. We make adjustments to optimise your campaigns in a variety of ways including:

  • Keyword Expansion:¬†Expanding the reach of your PPC campaigns by adding new, trending and long tail keywords that are relevant to your brand, products or services.
  • Negative Keywords: Adding non-converting terms as negative keywords removing their attrition of your budget and improving overall campaign to relevancy.
  • CPC Review: Review and subsequent modification or removal of expensive, under-performing keywords.
  • Quality Score Optimisation:¬†Analysis of your ad, message, keyword, and landing page metrics to influence the CTR of your ads.
  • Ad Group Auditing: Improving click-through rate (CTR) by splitting up your ad groups into smaller and more relevant ad groups.
  • Competitor Review: Understanding how your impression share compares to those of your competitors to inform account optimisation actions.
  • Remarketing: Applying remarketing activations to reach a highly qualified audience that has already visited your website or used your app.
  • Ad Extensions: Developing your presence in the search engine results pages and communicating more value to your users by applying Ad Extensions.
  • Ad Copy Optimisation – A/B Split Testing: Reviewing the performance of ads based on performance. Testing new copy to increase click-through and drive revenue increases.