Marketing Strategy

Vipond Philip help you promote your business online. We do this by applying strategic marketing principles and delivering them across the marketing channels that are best for your business. We offer a range of services, and work with clients from a variety of business sectors.

Marketing Strategy Approach

Whatever the size of your business, a marketing strategy is essential to help meet your company’s goals and to maximise profits. A marketing strateMarketing Strategygy is the plan you put in place to lay out the marketing and advertising activities most suitable for your brand or business. A good marketing strategy also provides you with the opportunity to prioritise those activities most likely to drive growth. Marketing strategies are normally a medium- to long-term solution that can help your business to meet objectives and to overcome barriers.

Marketing strategy is vital and it is particularly important for small to medium-sized companies trying to compete online to make sure their marketing activity is giving them a return on investment. Many small businesses appreciate the value of marketing activity but often neglect their marketing strategies as they do not have the time or the budget to invest in a full-time resource or hire a large agency partner.

Vipond Philip provide a high-quality and cost-efficient solution for SMEs to help them make the best choices for their brands and businesses.

We have extensive experience in helping clients to deliver engaging and effective marketing strategies and have delivered a significant return on investment for the clients we have worked with. We can support you in putting your plan together and help you to work through and finalise your brand or business objectives. We can work with you to conduct and interpret analysis and enable you to understand viable opportunities or current barriers to growth. Once you have a clear direction for your brand or business, we can then advise you on the right marketing channels to meet your chosen objectives. Our role does not need to stop there, however, as we can also help you to put your plan into action.
Unlike some traditional consultants, we will stay with you throughout the process and deliver the marketing output for your business.

We are experts in online execution and we will assume total responsibility for the success of the marketing and advertising activity recommended to you in your marketing strategy. This makes us truly accountable for your brand or business, which we hope allows you the peace of mind that we will be doing the best we can for you at all times.

We like to work closely with our clients, sharing our expertise and knowledge wherever possible. We think of ourselves as trusted advisors for your brand or business, and we hope you’ll come to think of us as part of the team.