E-Mail Marketing

If you want to quadruple your returns with a quick and cost-effective marketing tool, then email marketing could – and should – be the choice for you.

Vipond Philip know that using email marketing is the perfect way to boost customer relations and profitability.

It makes sense, as the Direct Marketing Association has estimated that every £1 investment in email marketing creates £40 in returns.

Conduct Your Campaign in Real Time

Do you have stock to clear or do you want to send messages out for clients’ birthdays? Email marketing is so fast and efficient that you can use ‘day-of’ messages, and there is no waiting for leaflets to be printed or for telemarketing scripts to be written.

Email will also allow you to make the most of impulse buying. In just a couple of clicks, customers can go from reading your message to buying a product.

Make It Personal

We understand that no client wants to feel like a statistic. Unlike some campaign formats, email marketing makes it easy to communicate in an individualised way.

Email also allows you to use your customer database to the greatest effect, enabling you to target particular groups with specific marketing information and ensuring the greatest rate of return.

Test the Market

The simplicity of email marketing makes it easy to test what your customers respond to, and the use of tracking tools helps determine which messages achieve the best results.

These tools can tell you everything from how many people actually opened your email to how many chose to look at a particular link.

Save the World as You Span the Globe

Email allows you to tap into potential business across the world but still helps the planet by not relying on paper.

If your customers see that you are responsible with natural resources, they are more likely to trust you with their business.

In the Mix

For the best results, you can mix email marketing with a range of other techniques and campaigns. We will be happy to help you find the right combination for you and your business.

Vipond Philip take total responsibility for your marketing success, meaning that we want to get the right mix as much as you do. We specialise in small and medium-sized enterprises that may not have the budget to employ full-time marketing staff or a bigger marketing agency.

So if you want a cost-effective, solutions-driven, personalised marketing service that is delivered by a trusted and committed team, Vipond Philip must be the choice for you.