Advertising Advice

Running online advertising campaigns can be a confusing and complex endeavour.
Finding the best places to promote your content, planning your marketing strategy, choosing the right advertising platforms and tracking the performance of your campaigns can be a huge challenge.

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Vipond Philip specialise in providing cost-effective and high-quality advertising and marketing solutions. We understand that not all business owners have the resources to employ full-time marketing consultants and that the services of a large marketing agency may be overkill for an SME that is simply looking for some short-term advice to kick-start a new product launch or enhance their ongoing marketing efforts.

We aim to provide flexible, tailored advice that is based on the needs of your company.

A Complete Marketing Service

What sets us apart from traditional marketing consultants is that we do not simply offer marketing advice. We offer a full marketing service, including delivery of the marketing output. We take complete responsibility for all of your marketing activities. This doesn’t just mean that we are more accountable for the advice that we provide — it also means that we are in a better position to see how your marketing efforts are working out, so we can continuously improve our efforts and serve you better.

Online marketing is a large field which includes everything from sustainable, long-term SEO efforts to short-term paid search marketing plans and ongoing affiliate marketing efforts.
Having some experts on hand will allow you to manage your budget more effectively and help you to determine what sort of marketing produces the best ROI in both the short and long term.
There is no need to spend thousands of pounds trying to work out online marketing through trial and error.

Watch Your Business Grow with Detailed Metrics

We offer detailed metrics to all of our clients, and you are, of course, free to use your own favourite analytics software to track the performance of the advertising campaigns we run.
Whatever analytics software you choose to use, you will be able to watch as your business grows before your very eyes. You can see what works and calculate the return on your investment quickly and easily.

Whether you are interested in traditional affiliate marketing, the latest social media marketing techniques, paid search or organic SEO, we can help you to reach the right people in the most cost-effective manner. We are specialists in creating highly targeted campaigns that convert well for any audience.